Scentual healing Amayris essential oil improves:

  • Mental clarity
  • Skin conditions
  •  Immune system
  • Sleep
  • Congestion
  • Poor memory
  • Focus and concentration


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Amayris essential oil is one of those essential oils that’s rarely given the recognition it deserve, as a very useful essential oil with many benefits. It can be used to treat many common health problems without harmful side effects.

When used as intended Amayris essential oil is highly beneficial for emotional and physical health. People who use Amayris essential oil will see a reduction in anxiety, stress, cough, cold, flu, sore throat, sleep problems, toxicity, sexual tension, poor memory, weak immune system and respiratory infections.

Amayris essential oil is beneficial to the skin. It reduce wrinkles and signs of premature aging. Smooths the skin, improve its texture and glow.

Amayris essential oils improves focus and concentration.

Amayris essential oil is massage topically over specific parts of the body, where it’s absorbed through the skin and provide fast treatment.


The oil of Amayris is distilled from the bark of the Amayris tree, which has a high oil content.

Essential oils should never be used undiluted. Scentual healing Amayris essential oil are perfectly blended and ready for use.

Never drink essential oils.

How to use Scentual Healing Amayris essential oil

Scentual healing Amayris essential oil comes in a convenient bottle with an applicator roll-on. The applicator roll-on was chosen to make it easy for anyone to use, including seniors and small children.

Gently massage the roll-on over the problem area of the skin or inhale the Amayris essential oil for effective relief of emotional and physical conditions.

A bottle of Scentual healing Amayris essential oil may be taken in your pause, car and use anything you need relief.