Bergamot essential oil


Scentual healing Bergamot essential oil:

Reduce mood swing

Treats acne and other skin conditions

Relieves aches and pains

Stops headache

Reduce stress

Reduce nervous tension

Even skin tone

Natural deodorant.

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Scentual healing Bergamot essential oil is stimulating to the emotions and helps improve blood circulation. As a result of its stimulating effect, Bergamot essential oil makes an effective natural solution for treating mood swings and the blues caused by depression. While it promote feelings of peacefulness, joyfulness, happiness and improve energy.

Scentual healing Bergamot essential oil also treat skin problems such as acne, scars and other skin imperfections to even skin tone. Bergamot oil reduces headaches, muscle pain and other aliments. It works better than some over the counter pain relievers. Which may cause harmful side effect on the stomach, kidneys and liver.

In addition to been a pain reliever, Scentual healing Bergamot essential oil helps to reduce depression, anxiety, cramps, sleeplessness, respiratory problem, high blood pressure, stress, nervous tension and induce feelings of relaxation.

Oil of Bergamot is a natural, refreshing deodorant. Which has a refreshing aroma and disinfecting properties that stops the grow of bacteria that cause embarrassing body odor.


For external use only.

Bergamot Essential oil should never be used undiluted. As it is to strong and can cause serious damage. Scentual healing Bergamot essential oil is perfectly blended and ready for use.

Never drink essential oils. Exposure to sunlight should be avoid, until the Bergamot essential oil has been absorbed into the skin

How to use Scentual Healing Bergamot essential oil

Scentual healing Bergamot essential oil comes in a convenient bottle with an applicator roll-on. The applicator roll-on was chosen to make it easier for anyone to use, including seniors and children.

Gently massage the roll-on over the suggested area of the skin as recommended.

The bottle can be taken on the go in your pause, car and for use anytime you need quick relief.