Helichrysum oil


Treats skin blemishes

Decrease signs of aging

Reduce high blood pressure

Reduce hemorrhoids

Reduce kidney stones

Relieve pain related to joint, muscle and nerves

Reduce stress and anxiety

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Helichrysum essential oil is used for a wide variety of health problems. It’s highly effective against acne, colds, pain, skin inflammation, seasonal allergies, swelling, arthritis, muscle and joint discomfort and insomnia.

Helichrysum oil retains moisture in the skin. Delay signs of aging and protect the skin from harmful UV rays which cause skin cancer. It is also an effectively stops bacteria and fungus growth on the skin. Soothes and heal skin conditions such as rashes, hives, blemishes and other skin irritations.

Rubbing Helichrysum oil over the lower abdomen a couple times per day may reduce kidney stones.


Helichrysum essential oil should never be used undiluted. Helichrysum essential oil is strong and can cause skin irritation. Scentual healing Helichrysum essential oil is perfectly blended and ready for use.

Never drink Helichrysum essential oils. Exposure to sunlight should be avoid, until the Helichrysum essential oil has been absorbed into the skin

How to use Scentual Healing Helichrysum essential oil

Scentual healing Helichrysum essential oil, comes in a convenient bottle with an applicator roll on. The applicator roll was chosen to make it easy for anyone to use, including seniors and small children.

Gently massage Helichrysum essential oil onto the temples or inhale the Helichrysum essential oil directly from the bottle. When used on children, simply massage Scentual healing Helichrysum essential oil under the feet.

The bottle of Helichrysum essential oil can be carried in your pause, car and use anytime you need quick relief.



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